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Chapel Music sells two kinds of music:

  • Music which is printed and will be shipped to you through the mail when you order it, and
  • Music which can be downloaded and then printed out by you from this website.

Please be sure you are ordering the right format for you.

Songs which can be downloaded have order numbers which start with a 3 (full scores), with a 2 (vocal scores), with a 4 (right to copy kits) or with a 1 (instrumental obligatos). The full score has the voice parts, plus the piano accompaniment and any applicable instrumental obligatos or narration. Each full score piece you order is $2.00. The vocal score has only the voice parts and is designed for the choir members to use. Each vocal score is $10.00 and includes the right to copy it as many times as you need for your choir.

After you purchase music to be downloaded, a file appears which allows you to print it out. It is time sensitive, and the ability to download it will expire so you need to print it out as soon as possible.

Downloads come in the form of .pdfs. Be sure that you have Adobe Acorbat to read and print music. Click here to download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat.

When you order printed music, it will be shipped out by media mail via USPS, arriving in 7-10 days. Our printed music contains 5 music books for choir, 2 vocal collections book, 2 piano hymn prelude books and 7 individual pieces of sheet music.

The printed choral books come either as a full score book ($8.95) or as a vocal score book ($2.50). The vocal score book can only be copied if you purchase a Right to Copy Kit for that book ($29.95). Each Right to Copy Kit contains 2 full scores and 1 vocal score book with the right to copy the vocal score as many times as you need for your choir.

If you prefer, a complete choir kit can also be purchased for $49.95. It contains 2 full score books and 20 vocal score books. (There is no right to copy for this kit.)

We guarantee 100% satisfaction. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase within 7 days upon receiving the item(s), return the printed item(s) (if applicable) and contact us for a full refund.

When you order downloaded music, music is available for downloading immediately after purchase on this website for up to 2 hours.

When you order printed music, it will be shipped out by media mail via United States Postal Service (USPS), arriving in 7-10 days. Chapel Music does its best to accurately calculate time of arrival, however arrival dates are estimates only. Arrival dates are based on item availability, processing time, and shipping location. Chapel Music is not responsible for delays by USPS.

Currently Chapel Music only offers shipping by Media Mail via USPS.

Chapel Music collects customer information only to process and complete orders. We do no share or sell any information collected from customers. Please refer to our Privacy Statement.

Chapel Music processes all orders using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) providing secure internet connections. Look for the https: in https://chapelmusiconline.myhsphere.biz/.. up in the url as you checkout, ensuring a safe internet communication.

Chapel Music does not store or collect credit card numbers after processing an order.

Please refer to the Terms of Use.

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